Russia Snow Plow Simulator Game

Russia Snow Plow Simulator Game

Russia Snow Plow Simulator Game Online - Play Free Ice Road Driving Games

Take on the role as a snow plow driver in Russia in this simulator. Drive your huge snow excavator and clean the street avoid crashing. Clean up the road and enjoy the neat, clean city. The futuristic heavy loader truck with advanced snow excavator abilities is designed uniquely to provide you finish line experience. Have fun!

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How to Play Russia Snow Plow Simulator Game

Use the arrow keys to drive.

How does Russia deal with their huge amounts of snow?

Snow-removing tanks, inventive street cleaners and snow-melting pools – these are some of the secret weapons Russia uses to fight snow. Usually, municipal services find out about an impending snowfall just four hours in advance: They get a warning from the weather forecast service. As little time as this seems, it does allow them to prepare for upcoming bad weather - ie. get snow removal equipment out and treat sloping streets, bridges and public transport stops with de-icing chemicals. In every Russian city, all streets and avenues are divided into several categories, depending on their importance. When it snows, the municipal services first clear the most important areas of the city. These are the main thoroughfares, public transport routes, busy pedestrian streets and driveways to key buildings and facilities, such as hospitals, fire departments and police stations. Often, there is so much snow that all the schedules are thrown out of the window and municipal services have to clear the snow around the clock. Until 2002, snow collected in Moscow was dumped into the Moskva River. However, now, snow in the capital is melted into water with the use of special snow melters, as well as in other large cities with a population of over one million people, such as St. Petersburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk.

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