Emperors On Ice Game

Emperors On Ice Game

Emperors On Ice Game Online - Play Fun Free Action Snow Games

Emperors on Ice is a fun physics game about penguins. The Global Warming is causing the ice to melt in the Polar Regions, which in turn is causing devastation to the penguins and threatening their sanctuary. You are a commander of the penguins and must try to defend their land. Shoot down any unwanted adversaries that fall from the sky and ensure that you purchase different upgrades to improve your defenses. Can you save the penguins and keep their habitat intact? You need to do whatever it takes to defend your empire, aim and fire at anything that looks suspicious. Have fun!

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How to Play Emperors On Ice Game

Click and drag to aim your cannon, then release to fire a snowball. Knock all of the hostiles off the ice without hurting the friendly penguins. Make sure to upgrade your base, weapons and team after each battle.

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