A Simple Love Test Game

A Simple Love Test Game

A Simple Love Test Game Online - Play Free Fun Valentine's Day Games

Are you curious about the love between you and a friend? Now it's simple to find out if is love there. This Valentine's Day you will find out. Enter your names, answer our questions and in the end, you will get a love percentage. Add your pair to a list, test with another friend or start the test from the beginning. Have fun!

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How to Play A Simple Love Test Game

Use your mouse or touch-screen to play.

What are the tests for true love?

Oh there are never enough words to describe love. Just ask any poet. Theories on love characterize a true, loving relationship as having three important factors: Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment. Having less or more of one of these factors (or none at all) can potentially change the scope of a relationship. Remember True Love is not a destination, it's a place where you and your partner are continuously growing and bringing the best out of each other.

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