Giant Snowball Rush Game

Giant Snowball Rush Game

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Push a snowball for a racing, and finally reach the finish line with larger and larger snowballs. In the process, players need to flexibly avoid various obstacles and collect gold coins and props as much as possible. When you keep pushing the snowball, the snowball will roll bigger and bigger. The disadvantage of the big snowball is that it is more difficult to control. Have fun!

11,125 play times

How to Play Giant Snowball Rush Game

Tap and hold to move.

How is snow formed?

According to Metoffice snow is obviously frozen moisture that forms ice crystals after sticking together. Once these crystals become heavy enough, the begin to free fall towards earth. It is fun and amazing to know that each snowflake is unique and unlike any other. Some say that it has to be below zero Celsius (32F) in order to snow, but that is a myth. Many areas have gotten large amounts of snowfall when the temperature is between zero and two degrees Celsius. Dry snow is formed when flakes fall through dry, cool air and land in a powdery manner on the ground. They do not stick together very well and make for great skiing or other outdoor sport game conditions. Wet snow is just the opposite and is the kind of snow that is needed in order to build a snowman or to form an enormous snowball.

What happens during a Snowball Game?

It is usually a fight, and according to WikiPedia this stimulating physical activity is a free outdoor game for both kids and adults in which balls of snow are formed by people or machines and are thrown at others. If you view pictures of this game online you can see a snowball sampling. This snowcraft activity is primarily played during months when there is sufficient snowfall on the earth and if you are wild and crazy in throwing them, you may be considered a snow python. You can watch a video line up of people picking snowball fights with people on Youtube and doing a dance. If you really love to do this, and have a minute to win it, but you live in an area of the world that is either too warm for snow or too cold to form a ball from the snow, then you can purchase an indoor game in which you throw white cloth balls and use shields to block them. You may need a large amount of space in your house in order for this to be extremely fun however, and to keep Mom happy, you should not throw them in areas where there are shelves full of breakable collectibles that have sentimental value. You may just want to play an free online flash game, like Giant Snowball Rush, instead here at

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