Ski Xmas Game

Ski Xmas Game

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The avalanche is coming! Hurry up Santa! Ski down the mountain, collect the gifts, and stay safe! You can upgrade Santa's power in the shop. Ski as far as you can to unlock the hidden characters and win a high score. The game feature a shop for upgrading character's capacities. Multiple hidden characters to unlock. English and Russian language supported. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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How to Play Ski Xmas Game

Tap to jump. Keep holding to do backflip.

Is Ski Sets a Popular gift for Xmas?

In the United States, skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular winter sports. But, you should probably avoid getting your kids a pair of skis for Christmas if they live in an area without any snow and you seldom travel to a mountain resort. Then there are other good gift options you should consider instead. If you living in a family that are into skiing, and also live in a part of the world with snow during winter, and there is not too cold. Well, then skis are absolutely one of the best presents of the season you can give to someone. But, also keep in mind the following advice. Too short is better for most kids than too tall. Younger children rarely get this much use on their skis. This makes used skis an option for kids. Trade with friends and visit ski swaps.

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