Impossible Ski Game

Impossible Ski Game

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Impossible Ski is a fun online game where you get to show how well your reflexes work. You must avoid obstacles, and get to collect points to unlock the characters. Have fun!

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How to Play Impossible Ski Game

Use the arrow keys to move left and right, and the spacebar key to jump.

Is Skiing Hard or Easy?

It is impossible to go on regular skiing in certain parts of the world due to the lack of snow. But, can people in these areas still learn how to ski? The process of learning to ski is subjective, and there is no way to tell if one will find it a struggle or find it a cinch to get going. Anyone with experience of riding a board or participating in a board sport will have a massive advantage. This experience will result in a better understanding of balance better than most. Skiing doesn't miraculously make someone fit. An unfit beginner will be sore and will run the risk of serious injury. Embarking on a learning program while properly unfit, then skiing is going to be very hard. As with most new activities, skiing is harder to learn for adults than it is for children, as kids are naturally more adept at learning and retaining new information thanks to their higher nerve cell count.

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