Santa's Cat Game

Santa's Cat Game

Santa's Cat Game Online - Play Free Fun Santa Claus Games

Did you know you could be considered Santa's helper? All you have to do is to help Santa's cat load Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. Keep an eye out for Jack Frost, he is trouble. Have fun!

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How to Play Santa's Cat Game

Drag the gift and then let go. The gift will fly to Santa's sleigh.

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On the world wide web, you can find are all different kinds of Christmas games for kids and adults alike. You may find free and fun Santa games that include Mr. Claus landing his sleigh gently on roof tops to get cookies and milk, while his reindeer eat candy canes for energy. He is able to do this without lights, or zone lights and sometimes it is so dark that he could actually be imagining himself during a sea landing on the condor express. You may also find old St. Nicholas jumping from icey ledge to icy ledge collecting presents for kids all while avoiding dangerous situations, car or animal games. There is the ever popular movie like A Christmas Carol which can be easily found on Youtube, and videos of songs like the one recognized by anyone over 6 months old: Santa Claus is Coming to Town. You may also find an online tracker to follow the white bearded man and his reindeer on the 24th of December, or websites that ask us if Santa is real?

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