Ninja Pumpkin Winter Edition Game

Ninja Pumpkin Winter Edition Game

Ninja Pumpkin Winter Edition Game Online - Play Fun Free Action Snow Games

Nothing is cooler than Ninjas. Well, maybe Chuck Norris is cooler than Ninjas, but in this online game we choose the side of the Ninja Pumpkin. You take the control of a ninja whose head has turned into a pumpkin and will have to flee from the evil sorcerer who bewitched him. There are many coins in each level and by collecting coins you will get an extra life. This online game is not easy so I strongly suggest that you try to catch these coins because you will probably need these extra lives later. There are levels in total and your score is based on the amount of time that you spent on finishing each level. Have fun!

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How to Play Ninja Pumpkin Winter Edition Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen. The ninja will run automatically, so you only have to worry about taking the jumps at the right time to jump the platforms and reach the end. You have three lives to get as far as possible in the levels, you will lose them when you fail and you can recover one if you manage to collect many coins. Survive this adventure with the pumpkin ninja in the winter edition.

Does Ninjas like to Eat Pumpkin

For health, ninja avoided meat, fish, dairy foods, and sugars in favor of a diet centered on whole-grain rice and vegetables. Also, to avoid being detected when sneaking or hiding, they avoided foods that might lead to body odor. When it came to pumpkins, they are not that common in the areas of Japan where the ninjas live, so of that reason they don't eat that much it. But, on the other hand pumpkins are food that 's fits right into a ninjas diet, and it is said that if you offer a ninja some pumpkin to eat, the food will be greatly enjoyed.

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