Snow Park Master Game

Snow Park Master Game

Snow Park Master Game Online - Play Free Ice Road Driving Games

Ever wanted to park in the snow? Well, now you have the chance. Here is a relaxing vehicle parking arcade puzzle game with 3D game art animation. It is a snowy day and you are required to park all the vehicles at where they should be without any crashing accident. If possible, collecting more diamonds will unlock more vehicles faster. It is not easy to drive and park you car in snow. Make sure not to crash. If you love winter this is the game for you. Full of brilliant white and contrasting little details this web game will give you the feeling of a realistic drive in the snow. Have fun!

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How to Play Snow Park Master Game

Tap and slide.

Parking your car on the street during heavy snowfall

Positioning and leaving your car, truck, or SUV on the street when there is heavy snowfall can be a fun game to play in the real world. Your skiing, ninja, and snowboarding muscle performance are all improved after shoveling out a driveway of fresh, white precipitation. You should know your town or city's rules when it comes to snowy ice removal after a major snowing event occurs and/or a snowstorm emergency is declared. Some cities have snow-emergency streets, where NO PARKING is permitted on these streets during designated removal of the white fluffy stuff. In some towns you may not leave your vehicle overnight on the downtown streets during a snowfall emergency even though there are no signs up indicating this. If your car is there, it will be towed at your expense. Other populous places have parking bans when snowfall exceeds a certain amount, some towns require cars, trucks, and SUV's to park on the opposite side of the street. You may end up getting buried or blocked in if you do not follow the rules.

Women park better than Men

Women park differently than men. And, as some British scientists have now found out, even better. Over a period of one month, they observed about 2,500 drivers when parking. The surprising result: women are better at parking. They find a suitable parking space more quickly and park more accurately. Men have their cars in the spot five seconds faster on average, but usually not in a straight fashion. While over 50% of women cars were parked correctly, only 25% of men were able to do the same.

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