Jeep Uphill Driving Game

Jeep Uphill Driving Game

Jeep Uphill Driving Game Online - Play Free Ice Road Driving Games

If you love cars, ten you will love driving along in this free online offroad game. An ultimate offroad adventure awaits you. In this free online game you get to transport passengers in a fun and exciting manner. This is an exceptional game that guarantees limitless fun and excitement. It is an action and adventure packed game with unlimited thrills and delights. Have fun!

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How to Play Jeep Uphill Driving Game

Use WASD keys to drive. Spacebar to brake.

Emergency Winter Weather Kits

If you live in an area of the United States that gets extremely cold winters, you know that an emergency winter weather kit is necessary to have in your vehicle just in case your car, truck, or SUV slips off the road, gets stuck in a ditch, or trapped out in the middle of nowhere. I checked out, and will summarize some of their fun and exciting tips that may help you save your life and should be done as we race against winter. Their first suggestion is have you vehicle thoroughly checked out in the fall, inclding the radiator system, the windshield wipers and fluids, and to replace worn tires and check their air pressure. They also remind you to keep your gas tank near full and to keep your car in overall working order, which includes checking the brakes and their fluid, your ignition, heater, defroster, exhaust, emergency flashers, oil, and battery to name a few. Something else that is strongly suggested is to have an emergency kit accesible your automobile to include the following: flashlight, ice scraper, cell phone, jumper cables, blanket, shovel, and first aid kit. It would also be a good idea to have some energy bars and maybe some of those handy hand and foot warmers that can be activated when needed. You should also make it a regular habit to bring freshwater with you to take in and out so it doesnt freeze in the car. You can just plan to drink it that day, but if you do it on a regular basis, you wont have to play the thirst game when you do get stranded.

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