Winter Bike Stunts

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Winter Bike Stunts Game - Play Dirt Bike Snow Games Online

Prove your skills in this new snow challenge we prepared for you. Finally a chance to ride your dirt bike on snow and perform some stunts in the winter time. This online bike game have some of the hardest obstacles you ever seen. There are 10 nice looking levels to test your snow driving skills to the max. Prove you got what it takes to be the best winter bike rider online and have fun at the same time! Have Fun!

Play Winter Bike Stunts flash game online today

Do you like to watch people doing stunts with a dirt bike? Do you also like to play a free online flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Winter Bike Stunts flash game online. Am I right? ;)

How to play Winter Bike Stunts flash game online

Use arrow keys to balance and drive the bike and press spacebar to jump over the hardest obstacles.

How to dress for riding dirt bike in the Winter

It is important to dress warm in clothes that can handle cold weather, when you are planning to ride your bike in the winter. We turned to for some good advice on how to dress for winter biking. First, let's start with the head as the wind can be brutal on our head. Wrap a thin scarf around your head and neck under your helmet, and try to cover your entire face with face mask on those very cold days. Add some gel toothpaste to lenses of your glasses to prevent fogging. Use some water proof boots to prevent slush from getting your socks wet. A simple winter glove with an insulation layer on the inside will keep your fingers warm and allow you to control your bike. Use the so-called "three layer approach" to keep your legs and torso warm. The innermost layer is the wicking layer/base layer, the middle layer is the insulation layer, and the outer layer is the wind/rain/snow protection layer. If you don't feel like putting on all these clothes to drive your dirt bike, then you can always come to our website and play our free Winter Bike Stunts game.

Why People Shouldn't Ride their dirt bike in the Winter

Well, the two main reasons are that it is cold, and also it is really hard to balance a bike on black ice. Black ice is bad enough handling with a car, but on a motorcycle you have no hope. The Winter is really a terrible season for bikers that live in northern climates. You can find hundreds of videos if you search on YouTube for people that have crash with their motorcycle while driving in the winter. There is a high chance of ending up as a patient at a hospital if you ride your bike in the winter time. So, we recommend you rather stay inside and play this fun snow bike flash game on our website.

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