Bedrock Bobsledding Blowout

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Bedrock Bobsledding Game | Play Free Bedrock Bob Sledding Online

Fred Flintstone is bob sledding in this game, which take place in Bedrock City. Collect points while finishing each track as fast as you can. Run over Pebbles cereal icons to increase score. Avoid too much damage of your sled from the obstacles or you will lose. Enjoy this free online bob sledding game!

How to play Bedrock Bob Sledding Game Online

Move with right and left arrow keys. Move faster and slower with Up and Down arrow keys.

It is fun to play Bedrock Bobsledding game online

Did you know that it is fun to play Bedrock Bobsledding game online? If you do, you are probably allready getting ready to play Bedrock Bobsledding game right now. If not, well then this is your chance to explorer hours of free entertainment, with our fun and exciting free online winter sport games.

Bob Sledding, Bob sleigh or bob sled

Bob Sleeding, Bob sleigh or bob sled is a winter sport in which teams of two or four make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sled. The timed runs are combined to calculate the final score.

Where is Bedrock City

Bedrock is the fictional prehistoric city which is home to the characters of the animated television series, The Flintstones starring Fred Flintstone. Bedrock was generally presented as a medium sized American city, with all the amenities of such, but with a prehistoric twist.The climate of Bedrock is somewhat undetermined, since different Flintstones episodes and media have portrayed it differently. Palm trees and cycads are common yard trees, suggesting a warm climate. However, episodes and movies set at Christmas time depicted plenty of snow. Businesses in Bedrock include bowling alleys, pool halls, health clubs, hotels, supermarkets, one catering service, a costume store, and an amusement park.In terms of entertainment, Bedrock features a drive-in movie theater.

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