Happy New Year

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Happy New Year 2013 Game Online - Play New Fun Snowman Games

2013 is finally here, it is time to welcome the new year in a proper way. You are snowman, use your cannon to shoot snowballs and fill up the numbers in year 2013 with snow. Aim and shot with the cannon so that the snowballs lands in the funnel over each of the numbers. Have Fun!

Play Happy New Year flash game online today

Do you think it is fun to build a snowman, and do you also enjoy to play a fun browser game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Happy New Year game online.

How to play Happy New Year game online

Use your mouse to play this fun online game.

Why is the world so in love with Snowmen?

Is it because of Frosty? or because they are cute and abominable? Is it because they are big fluffy, happy go lucky fellows who are very dependent on the weather? There is the famous Olaf as depicted in the Disney movie, Frozen. Another makes a lovable father figure in the 1998 movie, Jack Frost. There are many other movies starring these figures made out of 3 icy smooth balls of snow. On the internet, there are all sorts of party and classroom games for kids, those for preschoolers, and crafts ideas for all ages in which to make these wonderful Men made of Snow. According to WikiPedia this storybook tale was written in 1861 in Copenhagen and is about how a man made of snow falls in love with a very potential enemy, a stove! No matter what the source of the story, building and decorating a snowman to fit your personality can be one of the most memorable winter activites for children, teens, and adults.

Am I a Snowman?

This is what some some really cool ideas that turned into very interesting and fun creations made from snow might ask each other if they could talk. If you check some online picture postings, you will find an enormous English Bulldog snowdog! You can also see a mailbox surrounded by snow with the box itself being used as the mouth to the snowbox! There is snowmuscle man, and you can see a boy getting eaten by a snowmonster, or a "hang loose" snowhand in someones front yard. You will find images of a snowbear, a snowmouse, and even a snowcat! There is a snowbaker man covered in cooking utensils, and someone created a snowskull on his deck! There is an upside down man, a snowwizard and a snowsnake too! A snowdino can be viewed along with the desertman, and a snowmonkey! I wonder if there has been an Ice Snowfisherman created? There are so many fun ways to play with snow, but if you don't feel like going out into the cold, or maybe you do not have access to snow, then you may want to just stay inside and sing a song, watch a full movie, make some wishes, write a message or create some capitalized qoutes on wheels. Or you could play a free online webgame like, Happy New Year, here at FreeSnowGames.com.

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