Snowboard Slalom Xtreme

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Snowboard Slalom Xtreme Game Online - Play Free Extreme Snowboard Game

It's a downhill winter slalom on a snowboard. In this extreme snowboard game you need to head between the flags and try and make the bottom of the slop in record time. Watch out for exploding snowmen and suicide penguins. Have Fun!

Play an extreme snowboard game online today

Do you think snowboarding is cooler than skiing, and do you enjoy to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free Snowboard Slalom Xtreme game online.

How to Play Snowboard Slalom Xtreme Online

Snowboard down the deadly slopes of K3 hitting all the gates to open the checkpoints. Use your mouse to move, and click to jump.

Reasons Snowboard is Cooler than Skiing

Snowboarders and skiers have long loved a good feud. If you belive then there are many reasons why snowboard is cooler than skiing. There is no go to trick in skiing that has the potential to be at the level of the classic snowboard method. Super comfy, sick looking snowboard boots out do anything on the ski boot market. We all know the nose and tail presses are bad ass. It's one of many things that puts the style in snowboarding far beyond what exists in skiing. But, most of all it is all about the image of a snowboarder. Lets be honest, when someone tells me they are a skier, I imagine them out with their family doing some turns then cuddling up beside the fire around 9:30 before going to bed.

Extreme Slalom

Extreme slalom is the extreme version of slalom. Slalom is an alpine skiing and alpine snowboarding discipline, involving skiing between poles (gates) spaced much closer together than in Giant Slalom, Super-G or Downhill, thereby causing quicker and shorter turns. Slalom skiing may also refer waterskiing with only one ski. Similar to the alpine version, the skier must pass around buoys on either side of the tow boat.

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