3D Snowboarding

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3D Snowboarding Game Online - Play Free 3D Snowboarding Game

Strive to be the best as you ride the mountains. Avoid the rocks, and make it to the bottom of the hill as fast as you can.

How to Play 3D Snowboarding Game

Use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to turn. Every pair of trees is a gate that you must pass between. You get a time penalty for each gate you miss. Avoid the rocks as they will make you fall. Make it to the bottom of the hill with the fastest time.

Play a free snowboarding game online today

Do you like snowboarding and 3D games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free 3D snowboarding game online. Am I right? ;)

How to Play 3D Snowboarding game online

Select a male or female snowboarder and press "GO" to start the game. To steer move the cursor to the left and right of the snowboarders' body. Hold the mouse button down while climbing a ramp. Fling the mouse up (upward thrust) just before you reach the top of a ramp. While flinging up, release the mouse button - if you fling too slowly you will crash, better flings yield higher altitude stunts. For maximum speed, aim straight down the mountain. To slow down, steer far left or right. Hit the "GO" button to start the game. Press the "M" key to change the music. There are two music choices: rock and techno. Press the "SPACE BAR" keyboard key or "RIGHT CLICK" to jump. This is useful for jumping over rocks and tree stumps. Select a stunt type by pressing the "RIGHT" or "LEFT" arrow keyboard keys.

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