Nitro Ski

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Nitro Ski Game Online - Play Free Fun Nitro Skiing Flash Game

Have fun with Nitro Ski flash game. Grab your skis and hit the slopes. Race down the runs and perform stunts, flips and combos to earn money. You can later use this money to purchase new stuff and unlock stunts. You have the option to play this flash game with cheats, or regular game play. Our Skiing Games group contains some of the best online games!

How to play Nitro Ski online

Press and hold up and down arrow keys to speed. Press space key to jump. Press and hold keys 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to perform a Stunt, and make sure not to forget to release the key before landing. Perform stunts, flips and combos to earn money, so you can buy new stuff and unluck new stunts. Also collect gold coins.

It is fun to play Nitro Ski flash game online

Did you know that it is fun to play Nitro Ski game online? If you do, you are probably allready getting ready to play Nitro Ski flash game right now. If not, well then this is your chance to discover hours of free entertainment, with our fun and exciting free online skiing games collection.

What is Nitro when it comes to speed

According to WikiPedia nitro is a fuel that contains some portion (usually between 10% and 40%) of nitromethane mixed with methanol. Nitromethane is a highly combustible substance that is generally only used in very specifically designed engines found in Top Fuel drag racing and miniature internal combustion engines in radio control, control line and free flight model aircraft. The term "nitro" has only come into use in the last few years to describe these engines, and has its origins in marketing hype in the car market.

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