Aspen Skiing

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Aspen Skiing Game Online - Play Free Aspen Skier Web Games

Enjoy one of our best games, Aspen Skiing. Ski down the snowy slopes of Aspen. Mind out for that tree! Move your mouse cursor to the right or the left to navigate your skier through the treacherous terrain. As Always, Have Fun and Enjoy!

It is fun to play Aspen Skiing online

Did you know that it is fun to play Aspen Skiing online? If you do, you are probably allready getting ready to play Aspen Skiing right now. If not, well then this is your chance to explorer hours of free entertainment, in our fun and exciting free online winter sport games.

How to play Aspen Skiing Game Online

Move your mouse cursor to the right or left to navigate your skier through trecherous terrain. The farther you move your mouse, the faster the skier will turn to cath up to it. Use your spacebar to jump. You can jump over rocks to avoid them, but cannot jump over trees. Occasionally your skier gets a cramp and can't jump for a bit ... Pick up power logos to restore your energy leverls. Careful, they can be trick to get!

Where is Aspen, and a few more things

Aspen is a city in and the county seat of Pitkin County, Colorado. Founded as a mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom and named because of the abundance of aspen trees in the area, the city boomed during the 1880s, its first decade of existence.In the late 20th century, the city became a popular retreat for celebrities.Singer John Denver wrote two songs about Aspen after settling there.Today the musicians and movie stars have been joined by corporate executives. As a result of this influx of wealth Aspen boasts the most expensive real estate prices in the United States and most middle class residents can no longer afford to live there. Aspen remains a popular tourist destination

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