Sint Nicolaas

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Sint Nicolaas Game Online - Play Free Fun Saint Nicholas Games

Sint Nicolaas is a fun platform puzzle game about Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas). You get to take the rol of Sint Nicolaas and collect the presents and cookies in each level and deliver them to the right chimneys before dawn. Have Fun!

Play Sint Nicolaas flash game online today for free

Do you believe in Saint Nicholas, and do you also enjoy to play a fun kids game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to have some fun and play our free Sint Nicolaas game online. Am I right? ;)

How to play the fun Sint Nicolaas game online

Each chimney is marked with a number (number of gingerbread cookies needed) and a color (color of the present). Sint can carry lots of presents behind him, but he can only drop the first one into a chimney. Sint must deliver all the presents and cookies before the sun comes up. If he completes a level with two minutes or more left, he will have time for a bonus level. Sint's quest over the roofs is very dangerous: the old man will not survive a fall and it can be very slippery sometimes. Don't touch the sharp TV antennas and be careful for the mean birds, they will try to steal the cookies and presents. But it's not like a saint to kill birds, so leave them alive. Also, there are chocolate letters, collect the letters S, I, N and T for an extra life.

Saint Nicholas is a man with many names

When you check out the world wide web, you can find are all different kinds of christmas games for kids and adults alike. You may find free and fun an online santa game that includes Mr. Claus, (uncommonly known as Nicolaas Van Myra) jumping from one scarey brick hotel ledge to icy lyceum ledge collecting cookies for energy and presents for kids all while avoiding dangerous situations to safely get to the corresponding chimney. You may find a miniclip, car or animal flash games that characterize old Saint Nicholas, (St. Nick for short). There is the ever popular movie like "A Christmas Carol" which can be easily found on Youtube, and videos of songs like the one recognized by anyone over 6 months old: "SantaClaus Is Coming to Town." You may also find a tracker to follow the white bearded man and his reindeer on the 24th of December, or websites that ask us : Is Saint Nicholas real? Here at, you can play all sorts of exciting online games involving Saint Nicholas, enjoy yourself, and learn a little about this wonderful holiday too. You can help deliver gifts when you play our free and fun online webgame, Sint Nicolaas.

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