Santa's Landing

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Santa's Landing Game Online - Play Fun Free Reindeer Landing Games

Did you know you could be considered Santa's helper? All you have to do is help him to land his sleigh on the rooftops and keep his reindeer nourished. You can do this when you play this free and fun online webgame, Santa's Landing. Guide Santa's sleigh and reindeer to land safe on the rooftops as Santa delivers presents this Christmas. Avoid obstacles, try not to loose presents, and be sure to feed the reindeer plenty of candy canes in this fun flying game. Have Fun!

How to play Santa's Landing game online

Use the up and down keys to navigate Santa's lead reindeer through the Christmas Eve skies. Attempt to land as short as possible by aiming for an early touchdown point on each roof. A long landing may cause Santa and his team to spill off the roof and damage the precious gifts. Thee reindeer have a sweet tooth for candy canes, so be sure to grab them and avoid losing reindeer energy.

Free and fun Santa Claus Games on the Internet

On the world wide web, you can find are all different kinds of christmas games for kids and adults alike. You may find free and fun santa games that include Mr. Claus landing his sleigh gently on roof tops to get cookies and milk, while his reindeer eat candy canes for energy. He is able to do this without lights, or zone lights and sometimes it is so dark that he could actually be imagining himself during a sea landing on the condor express. You may also find old St. Nicholas jumping from icey ledge to icy ledge collecting presents for kids all while avoiding dangerous situations, a miniclip, car or animal flashgames. There is the ever popular movie like "A Christmas Carol" which can be easily found on youtube, and videos of songs like the one recognized by anyone over 6 months old: "SantaClaus Is Coming to Town." You may also find an online tracker to follow the white bearded man and his reindeer on the 24th of December, or websites that ask us if Santa is real?

Play Santa's Landing flash game online today

Do you believe in Santa Claus, and do you also enjoy to play a free online kids game? If you are looking for a free online game today, then you probably would like to play our free Santa's Landing game online. Am I right? ;)

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