Super Rally Extreme

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Super Rally Extreme Game - Play Free Ice Driving Games Online

Super Rally Extreme is a free online ice road driving game in which you take into the bush for a Rally. Racing on the icy streets can be challenging, but racing in a ice rally that will take you through all sorts of terrain is extreme. This free online game lives up to its name and you will have a great rallying experience. When you start the game, you have a basic rally car, and you will have to make some money so you can buy extras for it. There are other cars but you will have to unlock them in other races. Start the game, and you will find 8 tracks, 7 of which are locked, and you will have to unlock them by winning your previous races; or at least making it into the 8 top racers. If you fail to win you will have to repeat the whole race. You start the race with the first leg, in which you have to beat a certain time in order to get a better ranking. The time is shown at the top left hand corner of the game. You can also use the Turbo function, which you an access by hitting the X button. Super Rally Extreme is a great game which also allows for drifting action, which means that you have to get into a turn before you get to it. The race also has indicators which show you which direction to turn in the next few meters. Once you get the hang about drifting the car, you will be able to take all turns without leaving the track. However, if you leave the track and hot something, the car will suffer damage and it will slow down, thereby spoiling your racing time. This is an addicting free online game and at the end of every race you will see how much money you have made and you can use it to upgrade the car so you can get a better position in the next ice race. Have Fun!

How to play Super Rally Extreme game online

Use the mouse select in the menus, and use your arrow keys to drive. Use the X key for Turbo.

Why the Car Rally is an exciting Sport

The Rallying world is very exciting and you will find people perched in all vantage points just to see the cars by at breakneck speed. Drivers in this event have quite a lot of experience, and it takes many years to get to the top of the world rally rankings. Rallying is difficult because of the terrain that the cars go into. When the cars go above a rise, they usually lift off into the air, and this is a very exciting thing to watch. The cars are usually provided with protection so the drivers do not come to any harm in case of an accident. However, this rarely happens since these seasoned drivers know what they are expected to do in the course of the race. The bumpiness of the race sometimes may cause the drivers to suffer a few sore moments, but the love it. Super Rally Extreme is a free online game that will seek to see if you can be a rally driver. The controls are fairly easy, and after a few tries, you will start winning your races and climbing up the earnings ladder. You have to be excellent in order to excel in this game.

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