Snow Parking

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Snow Parking Game Online - Play Car Snow Parking Games

It is a snowy day and you multiple errands to run downtown. Snow Parking is a fun flash game where you drive your car carefully and park it on the targeted destination. It is not easy to drive and park you car in snow. Make sure not to crash. Have Fun!

Play Snow Parking flash game online today

Have you ever dreamed of parking a car driving on a snow covered road? Do you also enjoy to play a free browser game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Snow Parking game online.

How to play Snow Parking game online

First use your mouse to select in the menus and then use Arrow Keys for driving your car in this fun online game. Use the Up arrow key to accelerate, down arrow key to reverse, right/left arrow keys to move to steer right/left.

Use a back-up camera when Parking your Car

A very different aid when parking is offered by camera systems that turn on automatically in reverse and show the surroundings behind the vehicle. They provide the advantage that they show even very low obstacles, which are no longer covered by the sensors in the bumpers. In addition to the image, the lines on the screen show the way specified by the steering wheel, allowing the driver to make corrections as soon as he sees that he will thus not come to an optimal halt. Reversing cameras can be retrofitted and supplemented with wide-angle cameras on the front as well as side mirrors.

Women park better than Men

Women park differently than men. And, as some British scientists have now found out, even better. Over a period of one month, they observed about 2,500 drivers when parking. The surprising result: women are better at parking. They find a suitable parking space more quickly and park more accurately. Men have their cars in the spot five seconds faster on average, but usually not in a straight fashion. While over 50% of women cars were parked correctly, only 25% of men were able to do the same.

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