Snow Muscle Parking

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Snow Muscle Parking Game Online - Play Free Snow Parking Games

Drive your muscle car on a road covered with snow, follow the arrows and you find the perfect spot for parking. Have Fun!

Play Snow Muscle Parking flash game online today

Have you ever dreamed of driving muscle car in the Winter time? Do you also like to play a free browser game If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Snow Muscle Parking game online.

How to play Snow Muscle Parking game online

Use the arrow keys to drive your muscle car, and use space to break.

Parking your car on the street during heavy snowfall

Positioning and leaving your car, truck, or SUV on the street when there is heavy snowfall can be a fun game to play in the real world. Your skiing, ninja, and snowboarding muscle performance are all improved after shoveling out a driveway of fresh, white precipitation. You should know your town or city's rules when it comes to snowy ice removal after a major snowing event occurs and/or a snowstorm emergency is declared. Some cities have snow-emergency streets, where NO PARKING is permitted on these streets during designated removal of the white fluffy stuff. In some towns you may not leave your vehicle overnight on the downtown streets during a snowfall emergency even though there are no signs up indicating this. If your car is there, it will be towed at your expense. Other populous places have parking bans when snowfall exceeds a certain amount, some towns require cars, trucks, and SUV's to park on the opposite side of the street. You may end up getting buried or blocked in if you do not follow the rules.

Safety Tips for Driving Muscle Car on Snow covered roads

According to, when venturing out on an the icy roads, there are many safety tips to remember. The #1 ice driving safety tip is to SLOW DOWN to a speed of 45 mph or less on highways, and reduce speed to much less in residential areas and in town, depending on the speed limit and weather conditions. Black ice can impair your muscle-car's peak performance and should be avoided if possible. The #2 tip is to just to not drive at all when the road is icey. Another tip is to not brake too hard, as braking can cause sliding and loss of control of your vehicle. Another factor that is discussed is turning into a slide meaning you should turn the steering wheel in the same direction that the rear end of your car is sliding. It is easier to get into an accident with other cars when they are present with you on during these slick conditions, so try slowing down to let the other cars get ahead of you and into their own area or possibly you may want to speed up some and pass them if they are going too slow, but either way being alone on the roadway can reduce your chances of an accident. One of the final tips given is to avoid hills or other dangerous roads when they are icy. When you play this free and fun online parking game, Snow Muscle Parking, you can not only apply these tips and gain you own affordable experiences, but you can also take exciting risks and break all the rules because on our website, driving is just a game!

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