Ice Ride

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Ice Ride Game Online - Play Free Arctic Driving Web Games

Ice Ride is a very interesting driving game of Santa's adventure in the Arctic. Have Fun!

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Have you ever dreamed of driving monster trucks in the Arctic? Do you also like to play a free browser game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Ice Ride game online.

How to play Ice Ride game online

Use your arrow keys to drive. Up Arrow to Move front, Down Arrow to Move back, Left Arrow to Raise back tires, and Right Arrow to Raise front tires. Spacebar to Flip the vehicle, and Shift for Bike jump.

The Arctic Polar Region

You may have heard of the ride on Pleasure Beach Blackpool in the UK called the Ice Blast. It has a G force of 4.5, goes up 210 feet in the air before dropping at 80 mph! What Fun! I am still wondering what an Ice Ride, besides a game? According to, and, this is an annual festival in which hundreds people ride their decorated bicycles in a parade while they are dressed up in a costume. This family friendly activity is put on hundreeds of people in over 30 countries to not only raise arctic concerns, but also to appreciate the arctic and raise money to help save it. This fundraiser was developed by concerned people who worry about the record ice melt in the Arctic and want to do something to stop the oil companies from exploiting the land.

The Arctic Polar Region

According to, when venturing out on an the icy roads, there are many safety tips to remember. The #1 ice driving safety tip is to SLOW DOWN to a speed of 45 mph or less on highways, and reduce speed to much less in residential areas and in town, depending on the speed limit and weather conditions. Black ice is very dangerous and should be avoided if possible. The #2 tip is to just to not drive at all when the road is icey. Another tip is to not brake too hard, as braking can cause sliding and loss of control of your vehicle. Another factor that is discussed is turning into a slide meaning you should turn the steering wheel in the same direction that the rear end of your car is sliding. When you play this free and fun online webgame, Ice Ride, you can not only apply these tips and gain you own affordable experiences, but you can also take exciting risks and break all the rules because on our website, driving is just a game!

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