Ice Road Penguins

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Ice Road Penguins Game - Play Free Ice Road Penguins Online

Ice Road Penguins is a simple but fun arcade styled side shooter. Player's start with 10,000 cargo and attempt to make it to the end of the level with as much cargo left as soon as possible. On the way, several unique enemies and obstacles will be encountered in this free game. Have Fun!

Play Ice Road Penguins game online today

Do you think penguins are fun to watch? Do you also like to play a penguin flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Ice Road Penguins game online.

How to play Ice Road Penguins game online for free

Use space to jump obstacles, and your left mouse button to fire your SnowZooka. Try to make it to the end with as much cargo as possible. Take out enemies/avoid obstacles to gain extra points.

Penguins are Cute and Funny Animals

When you hear about Emperor, King, and Little penguins, you may think they cute and funny animals and you may consider to adopt a penguin, which you could definitely do at You would not get to order or bring home an actual animal to play games with, but you would be helping to contribute to their future and prosperity in their arctic world. If you are an extreme fan, maybe when you hear about these polar creatures the first thing you think of is the Pittsburgh Penguins - Ice Hockey Team. Other people may imagine these cold-loving birds as they waddle and jump into the frozen sea off of an iceberg to catch some fish. Some others may wonder why the penguins of Madagascar, South Africa get to have fun in the sun and avoid the cold altogether?

Be Careful When Venturing Out on Icy Roads

According to, when venturing out on an the icy roads, there are many safety tips to remember. The #1 ice driving safety tip is to SLOW DOWN to a speed of 45 mph or less on highways, and reduce speed to much less in residential areas and in town, depending on the speed limit and weather conditions. Black ice is very dangerous and should be avoided if possible. The #2 tip is to just not drive at all when the road is icey. Another tip is to not brake too hard, as braking can cause sliding and loss of control of your vehicle. Another factor that is discussed is turning into a slide meaning you should turn the steering wheel in the same direction that the rear end of your car is sliding. I One of the final tips given is to avoid hills or other dangerous obstacles in roads when they are icy. When you play this free and fun online webgame, Ice Road Penguins, you can not only apply these tips and gain you own affordable experiences, but you can also take exciting risks and break all the rules because on our website, driving is just a game!

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