Christmas Frenzy

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Xmas Frenzy Game Online - Play Fun Free Christmas Frenzy Games

The Xmas presents are rebelling! Help Santa get the problem under control and jump on the presents before they doom the Earth! Every time you jump on an xmas present a new present is added to the tree. Your objective is to fill the Christmas tree at the top left with presents. The ultimate goal is to fill the final diamond tree. Can you get through all the levels in this fun online game? Try not to land on spikes or get trapped or pushed off the screen - that will cost you hit points. Look out for bonuses! Have Fun!

Play Xmas Frenzy flash game online today

Do you believe in Santa Claus and thought the Christmas Frenzy movie was fun, and do you also enjoy to play a kids game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Christmas Frenzy game online.

How to play Xmas Frenzy game online

Arrow keys to move. Double press up arrow key for double jumping.

People are going Frenzy for Christmas

Every year there is a new Xmas toy, movie, app, or website to click on that causes the well known Frenzy that we refer to as the Holiday shopping season or mayhem, and this is initiated by the popluar toy, clothing, and electronics retailers, like Myer, Dell, and Target. I am not usually a cookie clicker but in 2015 there were some great offers and a wonderful sale. In Austrailia, each year, there is something called a Click Frenzy which is their biggest 24-hour online mega sale festival according to the Gold Coast Bulletin. Here in the Unites States, some of the hottest gifts for 2015 include the BB-8 Droid from Star Wars, the Polaroid Cube, Amazon Echo, the Apple Watch Sport, and the August Smart lock, the Ring Video Doorbell, or Drones with cameras, to name a few, and you can find more details about these and others at Top Ten Reviews.

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