Tweety Lets Decorate

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Tweety Lets Decorate Game Online - Play Fun Christmas Games

Tweety is feeling festive this lovely winter night. Using his handy catapult, Tweety decides to propel himself through the air and decorate all the houses in the neighborhood. Let the snow hit your shovel so Tweety is launched into the air to decorate the house. Avoid icicles and snow clumps which fall from the roof. Have Fun!

How to play Tweety Lets Decorate game online

Use Arrow Keys to move and spacebar to decorate in this fun online game.

Who is Tweety bird?

If you watched Saturday morning cartoons when you were a kid back in the 80's, you already know about Tweety bird, the yellow animated ficitonal character often seen in the Warner Bros cartoon series Looney Tunes, being chased by his beloved enemy Sylvester who wants to eat him. There are many Tweety bird cartoon fanatics that I have come across in my lifetime and they all have a collection of Tweety bird pictures, merchandise, t-shirts, and the stuffed animals. They know all of the songs and sayings that are expressed in the tweety bird cartoons and videos and i have seen male and female impressions of this famous character. There are so many fun games to play that involve this lovable and sweet, yet very smart and sneaky creature, but there are not that many Christmas themed ones out there.

Play Tweety Lets Decorate flash game online today

Christmas is a time to relax, watch cartoons, maybe play a board game or other fun games online and enjoy life! Here at christmas games, you can do this when you play Tweety Lets Decorate game.

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