Cooking Christmas Cake

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Cooking Christmas Cake Game Online - Play Free Cooking Christmas Cake Game

Christmas is almost here and all we need is some exotic ideas for a perfect Christmas Party! This Christmas you have to prepare a delicious, mouth-watering Christmas Cake. Do you want to show off your cooking skills before your family and friends this Christmas? All you have to do is gather up all the ingredients, collect the decoration stuff and get set to prepare a fantabulous cake that looks attractive and tastes great! Start playing the Christmas Cake Game and gather as many creative ideas as possible for your lovely upcoming Christmas Cake! Share the final look of your Christmas Cake with your parents and friends and surprise them! wish you a Merry Christmas! Have Fun!

Play Cooking Christmas Cake flash game online today

Do you enjoy baking cakes for the holidays, and do you also enjoy to play a kids game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free online Cooking Christmas Cake game.

How to play Cooking Christmas Cake game online

You play this online game with the mouse only.

What kind of ingredients are in a Christmas (fruit) cake?

According to Felicity Cloake, there are currants, sultanas, dried figs, glace cherries, mixed peel, eggs, flour, baking powder, whiskey, sugar, butter, spice, both ground and whole almonds, zests of lemon, and crystallized ginger. After soaking the dried fruits in the whiskey or other liquers overnight, the rest of the ingredients are mixed together to form the cake, which then cooks for about an hour in the oven. Once the cake is baked, which should be several weeks prior to eating it, the long, fun process of the remoistening game begins. You must poke holes in it once it is cooled and pour the whiskey or liquer mixture over it and continue doing this on a weekly basis until you are ready to put icing on it just before serving. This is the recipe on how you cook fruit cake, but save room for the christmas pudding and always remember if you are cooking with the dog nearby, not to share any scraps, as certain fruits are not good for dogs.

What is the True meaning of Christmas?

Some say that the the meaning is simply to bring happiness during a chilly and sun-deprived, depressing time of the year by eating delicious food and giving each other wonderful gifts. Some websites say the meaning of Christmas is love, or time to think about the birth of Christ. A fun article to read at entitled 'The Purpose of Christmas' says the first purpose is celebration, meaning that it is the time to celebrate that god loves you and Rick Warren word for word states in his article that the most famous statement in the Bible is Jesus' explanation of why God sent him to earth: "God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." To me, the true meaning is all of these plus precious time to spend with loved ones and to make joyful memories for the children. It is a time to relax, have parties, eat delicious food and cakes, maybe play some board game or games online and enjoy life and here at christmas games, you can do this by playing the Cooking Christmas Cake game.

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